Below, please find samples of my professional podcast work. I recorded, edited and produced each of these podcasts on my own with minimal equipment. If you'd like to hear other samples, please feel free to request them at


Superintendent Radio Network - "Keep cool"

Heat illness is a huge risk for superintendents and their crews during the summer, but most of the danger can be prevented with an easy plan. Mandy Edens, Director of the Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management for OSHA, talks about how.

Talking Points - "Show your work"

No matter your approach, a player or board member will eventually ask how you're working with sustainable practices on the course. Micah Woods, chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center, shows what to keep in mind when responding.

Superintendent Health - "Don't get burned"

Andy Jorgensen was in his 20s, and hadn't even been working on the golf course that long, so he figured his first screening with his dermatologist would be done in 20 minutes. When he left the office five biopsies later, everything had changed. He shares his story as part of our Superintendent Health series.

Superintendent Health - "Part of the solution"

Tom Werner didn't think he had a problem. But when getting one or two drinks with friends kept turning into long nights out, he had to make a choice for himself and his family. He shares his story as part of our Superintendent Health series.

Superintendent Radio Network - "What worries us"

Superintendents at the 2015 Golf Industry Show in San Antonio talk about the biggest challenges they're facing in the upcoming year, and how they're planning to tackle them. This episode was recorded live at the industry show.

Talking Points - "Growing native"

If a player asked why you're using native turfgrass, what would you say? Dr. Danesha Carly of North Carolina State University is here to help, with some of the top benefits of native turfgrass on the course.

West Coast in Crisis - "Easing water pressure"

Brian Sullivan of Bel-Air Country Club in L.A. was one of a group of superintendents facing a two-day-a-week watering schedule. But they found a way to work around the restrictions through smart conservation - and by giving the water district a way out.

Superintendent Radio Network - "Dog's best friend"

Bob Kohlstedt, superintendent at Fox Bend Golf Course, tells the amazing story he shared for GCI's Course Companion Survey. When his dog Gus got trapped by flood waters on the course, Kohlstedt risked it all to save his friend. This podcast won a 2014 Gardner Award from the Turfgrass & Ornamental Communicators Association.