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"Charlene Spiller reflects on industry challenges women face”

Rubber & Plastics News, July 2018. Retiring from ExxonMobil Chemical after a 45-year career, Charlene Spiller talks candidly about the obstacles she faced as a woman working in the rubber industry, and how she persevered.

"Hazardous waste cleanup begins at former Crest site”

Rubber & Plastics News, June 2017. EPA officials removed dozens of 55-gallon drums of hazardous materials at a former rubber facility in Ohio. See the work that went into the cleanup, and learn how the hazard got to that point.

"10 Questions with Jian Malihi"

Cannabis Business Times, February 2017. Jian Malihi of Clarity Farms champions the regional flavor profiles that the Columbia Valley in Washington gives to his legal cannabis. Learn how he built one of the largest outdoor farms in the industry.

"Beware the capybara"

The Devil Strip, February 2017. Learn how to survive three (not really) dangerous capybara encounters, thanks to Matt Mills, capybara keeper at the Akron Zoo.

"Light like a pro"

Cannabis Business Times, February 2017. Damian Solomon, director of cultivation for MedMen, shows how to apply professional horticultural practices to a legal cannabis grow.

"10 Questions with Mike Leibowitz & Toby Ripsom"

Cannabis Business Times, January 2017. Mike Leibowitz and Toby Ripsom built the Veritas Fine Cannabis brand from the ground up as the "Sam Adams" of legal cannabis. Learn how they found their brand identity, and what markets they studied for guidance.

"Higher yields, less energy"

Cannabis Business Times, September/October 2016. David Spillman, owner of High Mountain Health in Arizona, is an engineer by education. He brought the science of statistics to his legal cannabis grow to get the most out of his lighting setup.

"9 tips for successful interstate expansion"

Cannabis Business Times, November/December 2016. Interstate expansion takes plenty of planning and careful strategy. Hear from four industry experts how they tackled interstate growth.

"Keep your cool"

Cannabis Business Times, May/June 2016. Part one of a two-part series covering the essential components of an efficient, effective HVAC system for a legal cannabis grow.

"Scout ahead"

Golf Course Industry Magazine, May 2015. Golf course superintendents like Steve Potter use turf tests and reports from other courses to keep ahead of the annual bluegrass weevil.

"Quick, change"

Golf Course Industry Magazine, April 2015. Golf course superintendent Will Benson rebuilt his fertilizer program through input restrictions and a 75 percent budget cut. 

"Agronomy of scale"

Golf Course Industry Magazine, February 2014. Precision Turf Management gives golf course superintendents unprecedented control of inputs and data collection of their turf. Learn how they use new GPS-based tools to improve the the course.

"The wilt that wasn't"

Golf Course Industry Magazine, May 2012. Superintendents face down an aggressive turf pathogen, but turfgrass pathologists disagree whether the cause is Xanthomonas translucens, Acidovorax, or whether bacteria is to blame at all.